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Sunday, December 24, 2006

In January, 2007, I'll be teaching videoblogging and digital storytelling classes for the Takoma Park Recreation Department. These classes are intended for people who are already comfortable with computers and are interested in going one step further.

In the videoblogging class I'll be teaching and explaining the following things:

How to transfer video from a camcorder into iMovie, the easy-to-use video editing software that has shipped with every Mac since 1999.

How to do some simple edits in iMovie, including adding transitions and titles.

How to export video from iMovie to a QuickTime file.

How to upload that QuickTime file to YouTube and the Internet Archive. I'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of both of these services and compare them also with Google Video.

Here is a short mock commercial video created in the videoblogging class I taught in the summer of 2006. This is how this video appears in the Internet Archive.

Here is a description of the classes as listed in the Takoma Park Recreation Department Program Guide. Note that the videoblogging class is taught for both teens and adults, as is the Digital Storytelling class.

If more people sign up for a class than are available seats, I'll just schedule some extra sessions of either class. I also teach these classes off-site, privately or in small groups, for those who are interested.

To sign up for these classes, print out and send (or deliver) the registration form to the Takoma Park Recreation Department in Takoma Park, Maryland. The registration form is available as a PDF file.

For those who might be interested, here are some example of some of the digital storytelling and web video projects I've worked on. Most of these were created using free or low-cost software tools.

A Brief Bio of Fannie Lou Hamer
Banneker Academic High School Robotics Team (2005)
Mom and Dad Tribute

Videos on Google Video

A Tour of Nonprofit Technology Resources (in Philadephia) (10 mins.)
Talking with Marco Figeuiredo, Center for Community Informatics (56 mins.)
The Wright Brothers (26 mins.)
You've Got to Ask (Music Video with Accompanying Synchronized Lyrics) (2 mins.)
Double Gift/Shades of Gray (5 mins)
Paul Lamb rosetime (2 mins.)
Meeting Kwadjo Dickson (4 mins.)
Adding the Roof to an Art Museum in Google Sketchup (7 mins.)

Videos on YouTube

Ode to Joy - Grand Strumstick
This Land is Your Land - Grand Strumstick
Mr. Cappucci Tribute
When I Was Seven (Music Video)
We Can Take it From Here
I'd Like to Teach the World a Browser
Solsbury Hill - How To
Martha Ochieng - Digital Bridges
Joy to the World (2005)

Internet Archive

Juan Williams on Thurgood Marshall
DC LEARNs Mary Harshaw Award (2002)
Amharic Lesson
Guitar Minor Chords (Instruction)
Telling Your Multimedia Story Using Free Software Tools
Master Thompson - Afriasian Kungfu
Do You Get themail on Wednesdays and Sundays?
Whiskey in Your Jar
CPCUG Robotics SIG meeting
Simple Sokoban Tour Screencast


Oops (Kathy's Song - Paul Simon)

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